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NOTICE OF NONDISCRIMINATION   SMC complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not

discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability or sex.   

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"They were very fast and efficient in treating me. My caregivers Joe, Micheal, & Stevie were wonderful. I would also like to thank the Drs clinic for sending me over so fast. A+ service" " - MB

"Thank you to the Springhill ER for taking such wonderful care of my son. Pam Jenkins and Dr. Jones took great care of him. Blessed to have such a wonderful hospital and amazing staff at Springhill Medical Center!! Thank you Dr. Jones and Pam!! " - PFP

"Ive had the best care from this hospital. Very polite and helpful staff. Not my favorite place to hang out but if I am sick this is where I will come. " - KE

"I was very impressed with this small town hospital very good staff. Very caring. And very friendly. The hospital was clean. The nurses took care of my granddaughter " - TP

Poison Control - 800.222.1222

The Springhill Medical Center is dedicated to improving the health of Springhill and the surrounding area through philanthropic and advocacy efforts supporting Springhill Medical Center, The Doctors Clinic and North Webster Medical Clinic.  The monies will be used to focus on the following areas.

Acquisition of major equipment and technology

Annual Scholarship for a deserving young person going           into the medical field

Upgrades to the facility to stay in compliance with         changing regulations

Employee Assistance Programs

A Mobile Nurse Program to visit local communities

Gifts can be restricted to a particular interest or unrestricted to allow for needs not yet identified or anticipated.

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For more information on how your donation can positively impact the health of our area, contact Kindle Masters at (318) 539-1006

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